Why does the EducateWiser platform recommend that tutors and trainers include introductory and sample lecture videos in their profiles?

Uploading videos is an important component of the tutor's profile. A video-rich profile appears on the first page, increasing the chances of tutors/trainers/academies getting hired. It is also beneficial for students/parents because it gives them an idea of the tutor's teaching style. It is more convenient for parents and students in their decision-making process.


There is no payment option available through EducateWiser. What if I don’t get paid?

A platform-based payment method is currently being implemented. Meanwhile, you can directly receive fees from your students at your own risk.


My child needs the assistance of a home tutor. Would you take responsibility for his character?

Finding a home tutor may be a time-consuming procedure. EducateWiser only provides information about tutors and/or academies in your nearby area. You can visit a tutor's house or academy before hiring him and ask for more information if needed. You can request references from your tutor for more in-depth verification. EducateWiser is only a platform, and it bears no responsibility for the personality or actions of a tutor. It is completely up to you to select a teacher. You should be cautious while seeking a home tutor. For additional details, please see our video, “How to Hire the Best Tutor"


I'm already registered as a student on the EducateWiser Platform, and I'd like to start teaching younger pupils. Can I teach students using my current account?

Since you are already a student, you cannot use the same account to provide tutoring services. You would need to register as a tutor with a new email address.


I have searched for an assignment coach who specialises in robotics engineering but have been unable to locate one. Can you assist me?

If a user cannot locate a suitable teacher, EducateWiser allows them to submit their study needs. Please go to the "Post a Job" link and provide your specifications. Your message will be seen by everyone who has the necessary expertise, and you will be contacted quickly by professionals.


I provide online teaching services through my academy. How much does it cost to use your platform on a monthly basis?

EducateWiser provides its members with free fundamental services. You are allowed to contact students and teach anywhere in the globe as long as you use your own payment method at your own risk. However, if you choose the platform-secure payment option, the system will only charge you a 10% transaction fee. This allows you to accept money into your e-wallet, which you may access via the tutor admin portal, and you can safely transfer funds from your e-wallet to your desired bank account. This service is currently under development and will be available soon.


I am a gold medalist in mathematics. I have created a profile on EducateWiser, but no students have contacted me so far. Why did my profile go unnoticed when there are so many students on this platform looking for tutors?

You should take a close look at your profile. You may have overlooked some critical information, causing your profile to go unnoticed. Fill out all fields and include your sample tutoring videos. Students pay more attention to teacher profiles that include videos. Watch our video "How to Create an Attractive Tutor Profile" for more information.


Why do you ask for geographic information before searching for an expert?

It allows us to offer you teachers in your neighborhood, which is far more convenient and saves students precious time.


Some courses are offered at our institution that is not available in your provided set of courses. How can we expand our service offerings?

In that situation, you may ask the administrator for assistance in adding a new course to a particular topic list. Visit your dashboard and click on “Request a subject/course” for the addition of the desired subject.


Why is it essential to include evidence of identification just for tutors?


Since the EducateWiser platform allows tutors to communicate directly with students, we require confirmation of identification to ensure the site's security. We cannot allow anybody to exploit our platform while dealing with students. Once your profile has been confirmed, you may contact the students directly. Your tutoring profile's given name should match the name on your confirmation of identification. The main objective of this exercise is to keep this platform secure for students while barricading irrelevant individuals.