Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our privacy statement explains your privacy rights and how we handle your personal data. Please go through the privacy statement carefully before using EducateWiser, a platform, website, we, or us, represents EducateWiser is running an educational business services platform as an individual entity, and you share any of your personal information at your own willingness.


1. Data Collection

We use the following methods to collect your data, mostly for registration purposes. We may also collect data through other below-mentioned sources in order to improve your search experience.

  • Data through direct interaction

We ask you to provide us with your phone number, first and last name, gender, age, personal address, email, and proof of identity documents.

  • Data obtained from Facebook

As you may have mentioned on your Facebook account, we collect first and last names. We may collect information about your age, gender, email, and contact number depending on your permission if you have already granted it.

  • Data through a Google account (first name, last name, email address, and contact number).
  • The data we collect automatically through multiple sources when you visit or use our services is
  • Device Information (contains details of specific devices or mobile networks in order to locate certain operating systems and relate such information as a unique user of
  • Use of Cookies: Cookies enable us to store your preferences, such as your most viewed categories, and hence deliver advertisements accordingly. Cookies are small text files which transferred from a website and stored on your operating system. It is your absolute choice to refute any such cookies. However, it may affect your browsing experience as some services may not respond effectively.
  • Login information (we keep your login information, such as your registration date and any changes to your account, for future reference).It may also include the address of your device, time zone, operating system, and version of your browser.
  • Location Data (this enables us to provide required services from your immediate vicinity). At the time of your registration, we may adopt multiple methods, such as mobile tower location, GPS, Wi-Fi, or any other advanced methodology to help us to locate your accurate information.
  • Streaming information enables us to learn more about the source being utilized by you to visit our website. During your website search, you mostly viewed categories and your response towards advertisements listed on the website, along with the duration of your visit and the route used to navigate the content of the website.


2. Marketing and communication

We have in place various communication methods such as SMS, email, or phone calls to ensure your secure registration or account update with us. We utilize the same communication tools to reply to your queries or inform you about the status of a featured listing or any other sort of other matter associated with transaction status correlated to our services. If you have already registered with us, this also means that we may follow you for platform marketing purposes.


3. Use of personal information

  • We need to share data with third-party service providers to ensure the smooth continuation of platform activities. We didn’t have our own servers, so we had to rely on cloud storage providers to assist us with data storage. Such world-class services support us in keeping user data secure as well as in quick recovery of data if it’s needed. We restrict usage of your personal data only for storage purposes and don’t allow them to use such data except for specified purposes.
  • Furthermore, for the betterment of our services, we may share your non-identifiable information with analytics providers that support us in monitoring trends of platform users, which helps in enhancing services suiting the needs of users and advertisers.
  • It is at your sole discretion to provide personal details in your profile as much as you want. The platform will never share your personal information with any user except to provide a messaging facility to the user so that he may contact you without any reflection of your contact number in your profile. However, later, you may exchange your details with your clients if you (service provider and service seeker) come to some agreement.


4. Third-party websites

Our platform provides certain space to third parties for their product/service advertisements. If you click on any link affiliated with a third- party website or app, it will take you to an external website that follows its own privacy policy. We don’t control third party websites, and therefore, we encourage you to read the terms and conditions of the respective website before you visit.


5. Featured Ads

EducateWiser may offer a featured ad service where users pay a fixed fee for their ads to be posted in selected locations/cities for the superior visibility of their profiles. To purchase such a service, you would be required to provide certain mandatory information. The platform may use third party services to collect client data, but the platform does not take any responsibility for the safety and security of the information delivered through third-party service providers. Your communication with third parties is entirely at your own risk. Educate Wiser is not responsible for any accountability thereafter.


6. Policy Revision and Contact

We keep updating our user policy periodically. It is therefore your responsibility to keep yourself updated with any changes to the privacy policy or terms and conditions. For any queries regarding our privacy policy, you may contact us at