Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Educatewiser.com (website) is a service-based online platform that provides support to service buyers and service seekers to interact through this platform. The words "Educate Wiser," "platform," and "website" all represent educatewiser.com. Please go through the terms and conditions with respect to sharing your personal information. By accessing the website or any of our services, you agree to comply with the given conditions. Educate Wiser holds the rights to update terms and conditions periodically. It is your sole responsibility to stay up to date on any changes to the terms and conditions.

EducateWiser norms of service are rather straightforward. It is an open online platform that allows tutors and educational institutes to list their services on its platform. It provides direct interaction between the mentors and learners. Both parties fix their terms of payment without any intervention from the EducateWiser administration. More importantly, EducateWiser does not offer any direct assistance in financial transactions between the parties. EducateWiser also accepts no responsibility if you are not paid for your services.

EducateWiser put all the data through a detailed screening before uploading it on its website. However, some space provided to third parties for marketing purposes may add objectionable, indecent, or disturbing content without any prior notice. EducateWiser always assures you that it will remove any unethical content from its platform. However, if some content gets unnoticed by us, you are advised to evaluate any such content before using it and report it to the Educate Wiser administration instantly. You further acknowledge that you bear all the risk associated with the use of any such content and take sole responsibility for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of browsing, using or reading any of the content listed.

You acknowledge and confirm that you take sole responsibility for bearing all types of risk associated with posting or publishing content on a website. Furthermore, you acknowledge, affirm, and covenant with respect to the content posted on, conveyed through, or linked from the service by you that such content, such as information provided in your profile, photographs, and or videos, is in accordance with Educate Wiser instructions and guidelines, and that you hereby provide EducateWiser with unconditional copyrights. More importantly, copyrights, to any extent therein, belong to EducateWiser and copyrights you believe to own, hereafter allocate any such copyright to EducateWiser with your willingness.

Also pertinently, you acknowledge and confirm that the information, photographs, and/or videos that you post or upload on the Website are stored mostly in EducateWiser proprietary database and, to some extent, can be shifted to linked platforms and that the uploaded data (information, photographs, and videos) is compiled and modified with the Educate Wiser logo and similar amended works. EducateWiser also owns the copyright. You confirm and warrant that you have all the rights to upload photographs and videos with respect to this service. It is at the sole discretion of EducateWiser to testify to the authentication of any uploaded data. Educate Wiser does not allow infringement of intellectual property rights on its platform. Any data infringing copyright content shall be removed instantly if properly notified according to the law that the given content violates another's intellectual copyrights. It is the sole authority of Educate Wiser to testify and remove any such content without prior notice. EducateWiser may also terminate a user's access to the Website if they are found to be involved in multiple infringing terms of use.

By submitting any content (images, videos) on the website, you hereby grant permission to the EducateWiser administration to share your content on the website, YouTube channel, LinkedIn, or any other media platform. You have the right to delete or update any of the data without pre-consultation or permission from the website administration in your profile. However, any videos shifted to third-party media channels or any other associated platform are irrevocable and cannot be deleted. You hereby confirm and grant exclusive, non-cancelable worldwide permission to the website administration to reproduce, display, complete or some part of the content in any media format and through any media channels.

Furthermore, you acknowledge that you do hereby grant EducateWiser all exclusive rights to prevent or allow anyone hereinafter to copy, reproduce, or display any kind of content available on the Website by any outsider or competitor for any purpose, including the right to take legal action in accordance with the copyright and other laws of the serving country. You also hereby grant all visitors and members of the platform unconditional permission to access your content through the website.

Some of the blog content on this educational website is generated with the assistance of artificial intelligence technologies, specifically the ChatGPT language model developed by OpenAI. While we strive for accuracy and provide valuable educational information, please be aware that the AI-generated content may not always be entirely error-free or reflect the most current developments in a particular subject matter. Therefore, we encourage users to independently verify the information and exercise their judgment when using the AI-generated content for educational purposes.

We take all the possible steps in our domain to provide you with high-quality services. We highly encourage our users to share their feedback. For complaints or suggestions, please email us at info@educatewiser.com.